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Arkansas Association of Student Assistance PROGRAMS 

The AASAP Emerging Leaders Institute  

Participants will learn about the AASAP organization, develop their own leadership abilities, and work with others within the state toward a common goal that will benefit the state organization. 

All travel expenses will be covered by AASAP. Traveling is only one day and meeting dates and locations will be based on the participants chosen for the program. Typically there are 3-4 in person meetings throughout the year. 

Please note, this is different than the SWASAP ELI application. While there are many parallels in the programs, the AASAP ELI program operates on a more local level. AASAP ELI builds leaders on the state level and the commitment is sometimes more manageable for people with busy schedules.


2801 South University Ave.

Student Support Services 

Trojan B 100 

Little Rock, AR 72204

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