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Arkansas Association of Student Assistance PROGRAMS 

  • AASAP Board Positions and Obligations

    • Immediate Past-President (1yr term)

      • Conference Committee Chair
    • President (1yr term)

      • Board Meetings (Quarterly)

      • COE Policy Seminar (Coordinate Capitol Hill Visits)

      • SWASAP Committee Chair (Chair/participate in SWASAP Board)

      • COE State Leadership Calls (COE Updates Monthly)

      • Conduct Annual Conference Business Meeting/SWASAP State Meeting

      • Appoint committee chairs

      • Spring Leadership

      • TRIO Day

    • President-Elect (1yr term)

      • Coordinate Fair Share events/collection

      • Attends SWASAP Board Meetings (Quarterly)

      • SWASAP Committee Chair (Chair/participate in SWASAP Board)

      • Select AASAP TRIO Achiever with committee

    • Secretary (2yr term)

      • Record Board Meeting Minutes and distribute to the board

      • Assist the President-Elect and President as needed

      • Serves and first option of SWASAP Proxy if other AASAP members unable to attend 

    • Treasurer (2yr term)

      • Create and monitor the AASAP Budget

      • Reconcile expenditures and deposits to create a financial report

      • File tax forms

      • Coordinate offline membership dues and registration fees

      • Provide documentation for audits

    • AASAP Representatives (2) (1yr term)

      • Assist the other board members with event planning and coordination of required tasks annually

      • Position is for one year and is entry into AASAP Board

    • SWASAP Representatives (2) (2yr term)

      • Assist SWASAP Board with event planning and coordination of required tasks annually

      • Serves on both AASAP and SWASAP Boards 

      • Attends both AASAP and SWASAP Board Meetings (Quarterly)


2801 South University Ave.

Student Support Services 

Trojan B 100 

Little Rock, AR 72204

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